Game Based Assessments


ABC Academy is a teaching academy based in Africa that caters to the middle and high school students. The Academy would conduct classroom session to teach the topics and then conduct practice and review sessions (paper-based tests) to reinforce the learning. These sessions were dreaded by all students and
this would reflect in their participation and performance. The Academy was looking for options to improve the participation and performance of high school students. They wanted a common solution that could be customisable for various subjects.


ITAD proposed to convert the paper-based test into various game based assessments that would present the assessment in an engaging and interactive manner. This approach would not only encourage all students to participate, but also create a healthy competition among students that would increase their performance.


ITAD chose to adapt the Jeopardy game show format as it provided questions grouped by topic and complexity in a grid format. The topics were the column headings and under each topic there were boxes of 10, 20, 30, and 40 points. The 10 points box would provide a question that would be the easiest, while the 40 pointer will be the hardest one for each topic.

When a student selects a box (topic and complexity) a relevant question would appear on the screen. If the learners answered it correctly they would get points. If they do not, then they won’t get any points. The students also had the option to skip a question in case they found it difficult. Each box would have a set of questions of the same topic and complexity. All students were encouraged to answer as many questions as possible.



Once the student completed the game, an End of Game report would be generated. This report would establish whether learners have acquired the required knowledge and skills. This report will also help the teachers identify which student is having trouble with which topic. There was drastic increase in student participation. The End of Game report helped the teachers identify problem areas and enhance their training plans which further improved student performance by 19.4%.

To improve the flexibility and reusability of the game assets, ITAD also created Game Editor. This was a template-based tool that would allow anyone to effortlessly edit the game features like the question, options, number of questions, points for each question, etc.



Here is what some of the teachers had to say:

“As a teacher it is very important for me to understand which topics the class has difficulty in and which are easily understood. The End of Game report provided this information in a structured manner. Using this I was able to provide detailed explanations for the topics that were difficult to understand and create personalised learning paths for my students.”
– Grade 7 Teacher
“Initially, I was worried that the games would be more of a distraction than a learning tool. But within the first few sessions, I noticed that the children loved it. Now, my students work hard and are excited to participate in these tests.”
– Grade 8 Teacher


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