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XYZ is the provider of world’s leading fitness education across the globe. In most developed countries, the number of children who are overweight is raising at an alarming rate. To tackle obesity in children and spread awareness of a balanced diet, XYZ wanted to create a course that would help learner identify the key ingredients found in everyday food that are vital for growth, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, and fibre and minerals, and the importance of a healthy diet to children. Since the target audience were children, these learning objects had to be highly engaging, innovative, and entertaining.


Keeping the audience in mind, we created a learning agent that children could relate to and take advice from?Nutrinoboy, a superhero who fights diseases and nutritional related illnesses. Nutrinoboy provides the information about key nutrients and the right proportion of food stuff required for a healthy diet.


Games are proven to be the best in retaining learner interest and motivating them to learn. ITAD designed and developed two custom game-based interactivities.

In the first activity, learners had to visit a virtual supermarket and identify the key nutrients in common food items. Every time the learner identified the food item, the key nutrient of that item was provided. This strategy helped the learners identify the key nutrients in everyday food items and assisted the learners to retain this information.


The second activity was a custom maze game where users had to guide Nutrinoboy through a maze and collect ingredient (food items) to create a magic potion (balanced diet). Most common healthy and unhealthy food items?Bread, Milk, Eggs, Chicken, Ice-cream, French fries, etc.?were interspersed in the maze. The learner had to make Nutrinoboy run and jump to collect the appropriate food items and create the magic potion. This game helped the learners understand how to mix and match various everyday food items and collect the appropriate quantity of key nutrients required for a healthy, balanced diet.


ITAD used a cartoonish approach to deliver the information. The course was developed using high-end graphics and animations, along with engaging interactivities that aid the cognitive process of learning.



The challenge was to keep the children engaged and interested while teaching the facts about the food they eat.

Client Benefits

The client was impressed with the level of interactivity and engagement provided in the course. The End User Survey conducted shows that 97% of the learners found the course engaging and confirmed that they had gained knowledge that will be helpful in daily lives.


“We wanted a learning solution that children would love. ITAD’s Nutrinoboy Game was just what we were looking for.”
– Head of Education, XYZ


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Academy of Fitness Business P/L

I found ITAD's design team very quick to turnaround design work and very thorough with content verification and accuracy for our RTO in Australia

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I like to thank ITAD team for tremendous effort to complete the project as per expectation.
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We have been working in a very close partnership with ITAD Group during last year in the "Digital Education Field". This has been a very excited and amazing experience with excellent results that allows our company to rely in a partner that we trust. Commitment, trust, reliability, professionalism, project management and good staff are the main values that we are looking for in our partners and ITAD fulfilled our most demanding requirements.

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We (Universal IT Solutions Sdn Bhd - UIT) have engaged International Thinking and Development Group, India (ITAD) as our strategic partner in completing an eLearning course for our client (CIMB Group Malaysia) for the period of 4 months. From the very beginning, ITAD has impressed us by giving their full support, commitment and dedication in bringing this project to a successful finish. We are greatly thankful and pleased with the services and work they have done for us.