ITAD has had a long and successful track record of partnering and assisting organizations around the world with learning consulting services. We bring our decade of experience, technology and Ideas to our clients to help them achieve desired results from their Learning initiatives. We can analyze the pulse of how well the learning and development function works, recommend holistic corrective measures, and follow up with remedial interventions.

Our solutions are aligned to meet requirements of Corporate and Higher Educational Institutions. Eyeing for an exclusively flexible methodology to training that permits you to learn at a step and level that suits your team? If yes, then ITAD has a solution for your requirement.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Training Need Analysis, learning strategy and design.
  • Research and content generation
  • Custom training development
  • Assessments and coaching

Benefits of Working with Us

We recognize learning and development challenges that are unique to each industry and geographic territory. A vertically integrated structure enables us to accrue knowledge and skills related to each industry. This drives our ability to provide advice that is true to your industry.
With our extensive experience across multiple industries, we are able to abstract insights that will point to innovative approaches to resolving learning and development problems in your industry.

As a full-service provider of e-learning solutions, we can follow up our recommendations with off-the-shelf content, customized solutions, or Learning Management System.

Global Vision, Person-to-Person Perspective

thumbnail1With practically all services being aimed at providing world class reach and service, it is immensely easy to overlook the smaller picture: the people involved in the process. This not only includes everyone that makes learning and training possible, but the people who need training and learning as well. While others tend to generalize their strategies, seeking to create one solution as a catch-all, we prefer to look at the individual needs of those needing the training and learning.

We understand the nuances and individual needs of people, and we do our best to put this into consideration into everything that do, so that while we are able to meet the world head-on and provide services that is nothing short of global, we are also able to understand and hone our craft accordingly to ensure that everyone benefits from what we do, and we don’t leave anyone out.

Smarter Training, Stronger Skill Building

thumbnail2We here at ITAD understand that training is not simply learning in the traditional fashion. We know that professionals need a learning process that is of a level appropriate to their proficiency. This means for the process to be successful, what must be utilized is Smarter Training, which in turn leads to Stronger Skill Building.

Smarter Training means providing more than just a surface glimpse of learning and training in a specific area. Smarter Training provides the learner with a more in-depth skill building, allowing them to foster a better understanding of what needs to be done. Better understanding allows for broader comprehension, and broader comprehension allows for greater lateral thinking: looking at a problem from more than one angle. Looking at issues from more than one angle allows a person to find multiple ways to solve it.

As a consequence, the ability to look at issues and problems from more than one angle provides stronger skill building in learners. By understanding more about the issue, one can better understand all there is about it. We understand how beneficial this could be for training, which is why make a point to craft our training in this manner.

Clients Speak

Our Clients choose to work with us because of the key services we bring to their business.

Volkswagen Group India

I like to thank ITAD team for tremendous effort to complete the project as per expectation.
Please also convey my appreciation to the team who took extra efforts to meet the expected quality.

Academy of Fitness Business P/L

I found ITAD's design team very quick to turnaround design work and very thorough with content verification and accuracy for our RTO in Australia

Universal IT Solutions

We (Universal IT Solutions Sdn Bhd - UIT) have engaged International Thinking and Development Group, India (ITAD) as our strategic partner in completing an eLearning course for our client (CIMB Group Malaysia) for the period of 4 months. From the very beginning, ITAD has impressed us by giving their full support, commitment and dedication in bringing this project to a successful finish. We are greatly thankful and pleased with the services and work they have done for us.

ONE digital consulting Ltd

We have been working in a very close partnership with ITAD Group during last year in the "Digital Education Field". This has been a very excited and amazing experience with excellent results that allows our company to rely in a partner that we trust. Commitment, trust, reliability, professionalism, project management and good staff are the main values that we are looking for in our partners and ITAD fulfilled our most demanding requirements.